John Onslow + Ellen Onslow

Children  ‎(1 child)‎
William Onslow ‎(I1036)‎
Birth about 1890 30 26

Parents Grandparents
John Onslow ‎(I0886)‎
Birth about 1860 37 39 St. Martins, Shropshire, England
Death about April 1901 ‎(Age 41)‎
William Onslow ‎(I0882)‎
Birth about 1823 23 Selaten, Denbighshire, Wales
Elizabeth Griffiths ‎(I0883)‎
Birth about 1821

Ellen Onslow ‎(I1035)‎
Birth about 1864

Family Group Information   (F390)
Marriage about January 1883 Ellesmere

Source: free BDM

Reference Number M15569

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ONSLOW Ellen Ellesmere 6a 997
ONSLOW John Ellesmere 6a 997
From Ros Davies
I then find a marriage of John Onslow to Ellen Onslow in 1883. Did she marry her step brother ?? did she change her surname??
was it a mistake as she could only put her mark??.