George William Palmer  ‎(I0297)‎
George William Palmer

Source: Burke's Peerage.

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Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 27 November 1858 44 34 Totland Isle of White. UK/England
Death: 1934 ‎(Age 75)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 27 November 1858 44 34 Totland Isle of White. UK/England

Source: Burke's Peerage.

Education Twyford Boys school

Marriage Dorothea Gladwyn Wickham - Twyford Parish Church

Education 1877 ‎(Age 18)‎ Eton

Marriage Dorothea Gladwyn Wickham - 1885 ‎(Age 26)‎ Winchester

Source: free BDM

Occupation 1891 ‎(Age 32)‎ Farmed his own land, employed Maoris.

Emigration 1891 ‎(Age 32)‎ Tararaki New Zealand

Occupation None untill 1891
Residence 1891 ‎(Age 32)‎ Tararaki New Zealand

Residence 1916 ‎(Age 57)‎ 8, Marshall Ave., Wanganui East. New Zealand.

Residence Greenwood

Death 1934 ‎(Age 75)‎
Reference Number 297
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Parents Family  (F084)
George Palmer
1814 - 1879
Annie Neasham
1824 - 1888
Annie Palmer
1849 - 1912
Maria Palmer
1852 - 1945
George William Palmer
1858 - 1934

Immediate Family  (F110)
Dorothea Gladwyn Wickham
1864 -
Annie Palmer
1886 -
Minnie Palmer
1887 -
Harry Mark Palmer
1889 - 1943
George Palmer
1888 - 1957
Frederick Ralph Palmer
1891 -
Richard Hugh Palmer
1888 - 1916


Shared Note

"I'm sorry to say G.W, ‎(George William)‎ never had a job! He wanted to go into the Navy but his mother wouldn't let him. I say-or need to say- he should have run away to sea!-but he didn't. His parents were well off then- he was a serious young man deeply interested in ships, sea, natural history and in the Little Orme, a steam Yacht he explored towards Scandinavia chiefly. They lived in Hants but had a house in Totland on the Isle of White. All their children were Premature and the first two died ‎(girls)‎ and my father the fourth child was born in Totland-again early-and very proude of being a VECTAN ‎(Vectis being the Latin name for the Island.
In 1891 the family went to New Zealand (I suppose G.W. had been to have a look earlier)‎- with all their belongings including the Palmer ship Pictures and the Portrates and a quantity of stones for G<W> ‎(like me! )‎ loved stones........
They bought land at Tararaki in sight of Mt. Egmont, built a house and farmed. The four boys ‎(two born there)‎ helped- oh how they helped-G>W> employed Mauris they loved him- and during the Maori wars he hid their tribal weapons etc. under the dinning room floor. G.W. had no use for the Empire- he had his own ideas-an idealist..... He too was musical as was granny and all the boys, my father Mark especially. The boys were to come home to go to Eaton but granny couldn't bear it. They went to Laranni College..... G.W. expected all the boys to work at Taumata, to farm forever, but George ‎(eldest)‎ was interested in Chemistry and eventually became an expert in dried fruit processes ‎(working with chemists in California a bit then comming here)‎- and Mark, my father came here in 1914- to study medicine
A George Palmer was reg. june 1858 Newcastle

Letter from Kevin Palmer 31-03-03
Further information regarding George William Palmer, my great
grandfather: he went to Eton, and I have a photo of him when he was a member of the Eton Beagles. The photo is dated 1877 and is still in the original frame. He also had the first motor car in the town of Wanganui - year unknown.

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Name Burke's Peerage.
Name Wickham.FTW
  Text: Date of Import: Aug 4, 2003
Birth Burke's Peerage.
Marriage free BDM
Marriage free BDM
Marriage free BDM

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Family with Parents
George Palmer ‎(I0223)‎
Birth 24 November 1814 25 21
Death 29 July 1879 ‎(Age 64)‎
9 years
Annie Neasham ‎(I0295)‎
Birth 1824 24
Death April 1888 ‎(Age 64)‎ Greenwood, Durley, Hampshire, England.

Marriage: 14 November 1848 -- UK
2 months
Annie Palmer ‎(I0298)‎
Birth 1849 34 25
Death 1912 ‎(Age 63)‎
3 years
Maria Palmer ‎(I0299)‎
Birth 1852 37 28 Britain
Death 1945 ‎(Age 93)‎ Britain
7 years
George William Palmer ‎(I0297)‎
Birth 27 November 1858 44 34 Totland Isle of White. UK/England
Death 1934 ‎(Age 75)‎
Family with Dorothea Gladwyn Wickham
George William Palmer ‎(I0297)‎
Birth 27 November 1858 44 34 Totland Isle of White. UK/England
Death 1934 ‎(Age 75)‎
5 years
Dorothea Gladwyn Wickham ‎(I0300)‎
Birth about 1864 30 27

Marriage: 1885 -- Winchester
1 year
Annie Palmer ‎(I0306)‎
Birth 1886 27 22
Death In Infancy
1 year
Minnie Palmer ‎(I0307)‎
Birth 1887 28 23
Death In Infancy
2 years
Harry Mark Palmer ‎(I0303)‎
Birth 1889 30 25 Totland Bay, Isle of Wight, England
Death 1943 ‎(Age 54)‎
-1 year
George Palmer ‎(I1181)‎
Birth 1888 29 24
Death 1957 ‎(Age 69)‎ Wanganui, New Zealand.
3 years
Frederick Ralph Palmer ‎(I1183)‎
Birth 1891 32 27
-3 years
Richard Hugh Palmer ‎(I1184)‎
Birth about 1888 29 24
Death 23 November 1916 ‎(Age 28)‎ Thursday. Killed in action