Harry Mark Palmer  ‎(I0303)‎
Harry Mark Palmer

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Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1889 30 25 Totland Bay, Isle of Wight, England
Death: 1943 ‎(Age 54)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1889 30 25 Totland Bay, Isle of Wight, England

Source: Family Tree

Alias Mark

Immigration 1914 ‎(Age 25)‎ to study medicine

Marriage Eleanor L. Merryvale Watkins Williams - 1929 ‎(Age 40)‎
Medical Had Rhumatic feaver which caused a weak heart
Death 1943 ‎(Age 54)‎
Reference Number 303
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Parents Family  (F110)
George William Palmer
1858 - 1934
Dorothea Gladwyn Wickham
1864 -
Annie Palmer
1886 -
Minnie Palmer
1887 -
Harry Mark Palmer
1889 - 1943
George Palmer
1888 - 1957
Frederick Ralph Palmer
1891 -
Richard Hugh Palmer
1888 - 1916

Immediate Family  (F426)
Eleanor L. Merryvale Watkins Williams
1896 -


Shared Note

Another letter from Penelope
Note about my father Harry Mark Palmer, always known as Mark: 1889 - 1943 Born Totland bay, Isle of Wight. 2nd of 4 sons George, Mark, Ralph and Hugh. Their parents George Palmer and Dorothia Palmer nee Wickham. HMP's grandfather has George, elder brother a Charles Mark. They were 2 of the partners in Palmers Shipyard, Jarrow. George ? left the firm to him and his wife Annie and 3 children: Annie Maria ‎(Minnie)‎ and George lived at Divley in the Meon Valley in Harpshire. George and Dorothea went to New Zealand in 1891. They brought laod at Tararafi on the ? want a the north island ? by ret Toraraki
HMP has the ???? England. He came in 1914 to ? medicine. Although he was exempted for military service due to ? of the heart left after Rheumatic Fever ‎(which all 4 brothers had)‎. HMP persuaded the RAMC ‎(Royal Airforce Medical Core?)‎ to have him. In 1916 he was transferred to the RNVR ‎( Royal Navy Voluntary Reserves?)‎. The heart condition dogged him all his life but he was en? Dedicated to medicine and his astonishingly positive attitude enabled him eventually to qualify at St Thomas's Hospital to become a doctor and later a psychiatrist also. The latter was his great work.
Once in the RNUR he became a coding officer on HMS Victorious patrolling up to the Arctic from Liverpool. Coding was reserved for those declared "unfit"… Eventually the extreme cold caused a heart attack.. and ? months later he was invalided out. He was able then to take up his medical ? at last. And in 1917 went to Gonville and Caived college, Cambridge and later St Thomas's.
In 1929 he married Leslie Williams. Their families were friends in New Zealand and Leslie came to England ? ? I was born in 1932, their only child.
This is enough ? ? ? for the letter I'm photocopying for you. X Pen

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Name Family Tree
Name Wickham.FTW
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Family with Parents
George William Palmer ‎(I0297)‎
Birth 27 November 1858 44 34 Totland Isle of White. UK/England
Death 1934 ‎(Age 75)‎
5 years
Dorothea Gladwyn Wickham ‎(I0300)‎
Birth about 1864 30 27

Marriage: 1885 -- Winchester
1 year
Annie Palmer ‎(I0306)‎
Birth 1886 27 22
Death In Infancy
1 year
Minnie Palmer ‎(I0307)‎
Birth 1887 28 23
Death In Infancy
2 years
Harry Mark Palmer ‎(I0303)‎
Birth 1889 30 25 Totland Bay, Isle of Wight, England
Death 1943 ‎(Age 54)‎
-1 year
George Palmer ‎(I1181)‎
Birth 1888 29 24
Death 1957 ‎(Age 69)‎ Wanganui, New Zealand.
3 years
Frederick Ralph Palmer ‎(I1183)‎
Birth 1891 32 27
-3 years
Richard Hugh Palmer ‎(I1184)‎
Birth about 1888 29 24
Death 23 November 1916 ‎(Age 28)‎ Thursday. Killed in action
Family with Eleanor L. Merryvale Watkins Williams
Harry Mark Palmer ‎(I0303)‎
Birth 1889 30 25 Totland Bay, Isle of Wight, England
Death 1943 ‎(Age 54)‎
7 years

Marriage: 1929