Frederick George Young  ‎(I0353)‎
Frederick George Young

Source: Family Tree


Gender: MaleMale

Birth: about 1831
Personal Facts and Details
Birth about 1831

Source: Guess

Residence London

Source: Burke's Peerage.

Reference Number 353
Reference Number M2990

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Immediate Family  (F126)
Ellen Edith Young
1858 -


Shared Note


Brownjohn Elizabeth Salisbury 5a 293
Damen Jane Salisbury 5a 293
Herring James Robert Salisbury 5a 293
Young Frederick George Salisbury 5a 293
about the right date

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Name Family Tree
Birth Guess
Residence Burke's Peerage.

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Close Relatives
Family with unknown
Frederick George Young ‎(I0353)‎
Birth about 1831
Ellen Edith Young ‎(I0352)‎
Birth about 1858 27