Massa ai Carrara  ‎(I0420)‎
Massa ai Carrara
Married Name: Massa ai Lambert

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: about 1813
Personal Facts and Details
Birth about 1813
Marriage Chevalier Alfred Lambert - about 1838 ‎(Age 25)‎
Residence Italy

Reference Number 420
Reference Number Chevalier Alfred Lambert - M1859

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Immediate Family  (F060)
Chevalier Alfred Lambert
1811 -
Augusta Mary Lambert
1840 - 1875

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Close Relatives
Family with Chevalier Alfred Lambert
Chevalier Alfred Lambert ‎(I0419)‎
Birth about 1811
2 years

Massa ai Carrara ‎(I0420)‎
Birth about 1813

Marriage: about 1838
2 years
Augusta Mary Lambert ‎(I0345)‎
Birth about 1840 29 27
Death 2 December 1875 ‎(Age 35)‎ Grosvenor Square