Rebecca Owens  ‎(I0892)‎
Rebecca Owens
Married Name: Rebecca Barlow

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: about 1837 29 21 Dudleston? England
Death: March 1894 ‎(Age 57)‎ Ellesmere
Personal Facts and Details
Birth about 1837 29 21 Dudleston? England

Source: Ellesmere Parish register

Baptism 21 May 1837 St Martins

Marriage James Barlow - 6 May 1859 ‎(Age 22)‎ Ellesmere

Source: Ellesmere Parish register

Source: free BDM

Residence Dudleston

Vicar James Barlow - 1859 ‎(Age 22)‎ John Peake, Curate of Ellesmere

Source: Ellesmere Parish register

Witnesses James Barlow - 1859 ‎(Age 22)‎ Peter Barlow

Source: Ellesmere Parish register

Witnesses James Barlow - 1859 ‎(Age 22)‎ Jemima Owens

Source: Ellesmere Parish register

Death March 1894 ‎(Age 57)‎ Ellesmere

Source: free BDM

Reference Number 892
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Parents Family  (F277)
Thomas Owens
1807 -
Anne Taylor
1816 -
Rebecca Owens
1837 - 1894
Jemima Owen
1840 -
Martha Owens
1844 -
Henry Owens
1835 - 1916

Immediate Family  (F346)
James Barlow
1838 -
John Barlow
1860 -
Mary Barlow
1878 -
Joseph Barlow
1879 -


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BARLOW Rebecca 56 Ellesmere 6a 553 Albert

Email from
Hi Ros,

Well done on finding the details of Jemima’s marriage to William Onslow. Is it possible to send us the full transcript with ages and father’s names?

I think that William Onslow also married his first wife Elizabeth at St Mary’s, Ruabon in 1841? Can you access the Clwyd fhs Resource centre in Cefn? They may have copies or transcripts of St Mary’s Church parish records to look up.

I can help you with Rebecca. She is definitely Jemima’s sister.

I have Henry, Rebecca and Jemima living at home with their parents Thomas and Ann‎(e)‎ on the 1841 census. Rebecca was baptised at St Martins on 21st May 1837. Rebecca witnessed her brother, Henry’s marriage in 1855. She married James Barlow in Ellesmere church on 6th May 1859. They lived at Dudleston Heath and had several children. She died at Dudleston Heath in 1894. I have details of her on the 1861, 1871, 1881, and 1891 census but not on the 1851. That is the missing link as I can’t find anyone except my Henry on the 1851 census! Where were the rest of them?!!!

I also found Ellen Owen in West Derby on the 1881 census and wondered if she married her stepbrother in 1883. ‎(Some of my Gallands also went to West Derby before coming back to Shropshire so it wasn’t too unusual-suspect it was work related)‎

Good hunting on the census return of 1851 and hope you find our missing Owen’s. You will find Henry aged 16 occupation cowboy at Far House, Criftins living with the family of Charles Brown Owen ‎(I don’t think he’s related as he was fairly wealthy, but who knows!)‎ Watch out for another Thomas and Anne Owen living in Dudleston. You can tell them apart from ours as they have different children listed. Good luck.


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Family with Parents
Thomas Owens ‎(I0891)‎
Birth 26 September 1807 35 33
8 years
Anne Taylor ‎(I1344)‎
Birth about 1816

Marriage: 20 November 1834
2 years
Rebecca Owens ‎(I0892)‎
Birth about 1837 29 21 Dudleston? England
Death March 1894 ‎(Age 57)‎ Ellesmere
3 years
Jemima Owen ‎(I0685)‎
Birth 1840 32 24 Shropshire, England
4 years
Martha Owens ‎(I0893)‎
Birth before 1844 36 28 Dudleston?, Shropshire, England
-9 years
Henry Owens ‎(I1345)‎
Birth 1835 27 19
Death 12 April 1916 ‎(Age 81)‎ Pen-y-bryn Farm ‎(Now named Yscubor Issa)‎
Family with James Barlow
James Barlow ‎(I0894)‎
Birth before 1838 20 Dudleston? England
-1 year

Rebecca Owens ‎(I0892)‎
Birth about 1837 29 21 Dudleston? England
Death March 1894 ‎(Age 57)‎ Ellesmere

Marriage: 6 May 1859 -- Ellesmere
8 months
John Barlow ‎(I1456)‎
Birth 1860 22 23
18 years
Mary Barlow ‎(I1457)‎
Birth 1878 40 41
1 year
Joseph Barlow ‎(I1458)‎
Birth 1879 41 42